May 9 Blog Review

PowerObjects posted Moving CRM 2013 Business Rules with Static Values from Dev to Production. This describes what to do if you cannot activate one of your solution components due to a reference to the item in a development instance which has a different GUID than the production instance.CustomerEffective wrote a handy blog on Retrieving a … Continue reading May 9 Blog Review

April 18 Blog Review

In Smart Ways to Use CRM Technology Tools Across the Company, DynamicsCafe discusses how technology has evolved over time and how everything is becoming more digital. Examples are given of how to fit CRM into all areas of your business.PowerObjects posted, How to Expand the Email Description field in CRM this describes how to expand … Continue reading April 18 Blog Review

March 28 Blog Review

The past few weeks have been very busy it seems - work and vacations and family and all kinds of stuff. So this is not really a weekly review but basically the whole month of March review. It has been a busy month in the CRM world with Convergence and all of the news from … Continue reading March 28 Blog Review

November 4 Blog Review

I apologize for the late blog due to the overwhelming busyness that has arisen. I am still working on compiling all my notes from CRMUG Summit and my mind is still exploding from all the information. I have compiled and posted myDay 1 Takeaways but there is much more to come. This week was busy … Continue reading November 4 Blog Review

CRMUG Summit Day 1 Key Takeaways

Making your CRM Case and Designing your Process Roundtable Gretchen Opferkew (MVP, PowerObjects)   User Adoption   Work to solve problems and look for quick wins. Look for pain points that can be addressed. Some easy quick wins can include views, dashboards and simplifying the form.   Be careful to avoid having too much customization … Continue reading CRMUG Summit Day 1 Key Takeaways

October 4 Blog Review

It was a quiet week in the blog world this week. I think everyone is busy getting their systems and solutions ready for CRM 2013. Here are this week’s top stories:CRM 2011CustomerEffective was posting this week about integrating your CRM system with your phone system. The specific example was CRM Integration with Avaya one-X. They … Continue reading October 4 Blog Review

September 20 Blog Review

More and more news is beginning to surface about CRM 2013. Today we start with a success story and some CRM 2011 tips. Then we move on to learn a bit more about CRM 2013. DynamicsCafe featured the Success Story of New Belgium Brewing. This is to drive interest in the upcoming webinar featuring the … Continue reading September 20 Blog Review

September 6 Blog Review

Back on the regular schedule this week. Let’s see what has been happening in the CRM Blog world:First, PowerObjects posted a quick tip on Reporting down to the Second. When creating or editing a report you can change the properties of a field to include an unformatted value column. You can do this for Date/Time … Continue reading September 6 Blog Review

June 21 Blog Review

This episode should be filled with valuable information since I missed last week’s edition. I have been very busy with different events and things. All the while wondering what these places use to track those involved. I am usually disappointed when I arrive to see that they simply highlight my name on a list. When … Continue reading June 21 Blog Review

Late Weekly Blog Review – June 11

My Friday Blog review is very late since it is now in fact Tuesday. Still, let’s see what we can find.Leon Tribe has some interesting thoughts on Associating Opportunities Directly to a Campaign.Madrona posted a Review of Polaris Features. Interesting, most has been covered in the blogosphere already. One point I did find interesting is … Continue reading Late Weekly Blog Review – June 11