September 6 Blog Review

Back on the regular schedule this week. Let’s see what has been happening in the CRM Blog world:
First, PowerObjects posted a quick tip on Reporting down to the Second. When creating or editing a report you can change the properties of a field to include an unformatted value column. You can do this for Date/Time fields, Currency, Whole Numbers and Decimals.
PowerObjects almost missed the deadline with today’s bog – Top 10 New Features of CRM 2013. The blog contains much more detail but here are the top 10:
  1. Command Bar
  2. Simplified Navigation
  3. Flat User Interface
  4. Auto-Save
  5. Business Process Flow
  6. Social Pane
  7. Quick Create Forms
  8. Portable Business Logic
  9. Quick View Forms
  10. Real Time Workflows

Donna Edwards posted a great blog compiling all the links for Getting Ready for CRM 2013. She has links to the Microsoft blogs, TechNet Blogs, and PartnerSource content.
Also while preparing for 2013, you should look at Sonoma’s CRM 2011 Legacy Feature Check Walkthrough. This Microsoft tool allows you to evaluate issues that will not work in CRM 2013. Related, make sure you also review the Custom Code Validation Tool that Chris Cognetta talks about.
Everyone knows you shouldn’t make changes directly to the CRM database. However, I know that most organizations do it or at least think about. When it’s suggested, how do you respond? Jamie Miley compiled the reasons from several MVPs into Solid Reasons Not To Do Direct Database Operations on Dynamics CRM Database From the Pros. It is great information. I will definitely be keeping it in mind so I have a good answer the next time direct SQL updates are suggested.
Another interesting development this week was the announcement of Microsoft Acquiring Nokia. This is especially interesting amid rumors that the head of Nokia, Stephen Elop, may be replacing Steve Ballmer at Microsoft. Interesting things to ponder as the weekend begins.

Those were the big topics this week. Happy Friday!

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