May 9 Blog Review

PowerObjects posted Moving CRM 2013 Business Rules with Static Values from Dev to Production. This describes what to do if you cannot activate one of your solution components due to a reference to the item in a development instance which has a different GUID than the production instance.

CustomerEffective wrote a handy blog on Retrieving a Record’s GUID in CRM 2013. This describes how to create a Javascript Bookmarklet that will grab the CRM record GUID for you.

Mitch Miliam posted a helpful tidbit in Workflow Ownership and Disabled Users. Be careful when disabling users that nothing is assigned to them especially workflows which will stop running. Also a good reminder to keep an eye on your waiting system jobs to notice these problems quickly.

Sonoma Partners posted CRM 2013 – Phone Call Fields won’t Default from Sub-Grid. This discusses how some fields are not auto populated depending on where you create your Activity from.

Sonoma Partners also posted Five Reasons Your CRM Deployment Needs Enterprise Mobility to ensure that everyone uses the mobile capabilities of CRM 2013.

Jukka Niiranen teaches us a thing or two in CRM Reminder Workflows Done Right. This describes the correct way to create a reminder workflow and some things you should keep in mind.

Biggest news over the last week was the release of Rollup 17 for CRM 2011. Here are the pieces you need to be able to find: Knowledge Base Article, Download Site, PFE Blog. Sonoma Partners also recorded their top picks here. Here is what I picked out of the KB (probably still too much to read but less than what we started with):
Important Fixes
·        Quick Find fails with “Invalid Argument” when whole number fields are added as find columns
·        Removing / Adding any field to the form after enabling the option “Automatically expand to use available space” causes the sub grid to shrink or resize to much smaller in size.
·        Reports cannot be executed once the default filter form the report is removed and the update is saved. The execution fails with the following error on screen. “Reporting Error: The repot cannot be displayed”
·        After applying Update Rollup 16, Solution import fails with overwriting components
·        After installing Update Rollup 16, CRM reports embedded in IFRAME objects (on forms / dashboards /etc…) no longer display correctly when using Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10
·        A form has multiple tabs which are initially hidden and then made visible programmatically. Once the tabs are made visible, the navigation bar containing the links to other related entities moves down and part of it gets off the screen, making the users unable to see or select some links.
·        After exporting the results of a Quick Find search to Excel Pivot Table, the resulting file cannot be opened. The following error appears: “[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘AccountBase’, database ‘…._MSCRM’, schema ‘dbo’.”
·        Cannot change owner on create of Appointment after Update Rollup 16
·        Audit setting disabled when changing cascading behavior
·        Activity Types change when importing Solutions. As a result a view on the Activity entity that references the custom activity entity stops working. Warning message on the filter: This condition had one or more list values that no longer exist in the system.
·        After applying Update Rollup 16 in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, users are unable to remove Deployment Administrators if the account exists in a separate domain.
·        After installing Update Rollup 12, there are changes to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 forms that may impact the visually impaired such as lighter colors and the absence of highlighting on items such as the SiteMap and Tab titles.
Interesting/Odd Fixes
·        Bulk Edit on Cases shows wrong dialog box
·        Advanced Find date range with “last-x-fiscal-years” is wrong when exported to a Dynamic Worksheet
·        When you have an HTML web resource on a form, the web resource is removed when clicking the backspace button in Internet Explorer
·        Users attempting to delete the oldest audit log in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 after Update Rollup 12 receive the following error:
“You can only delete the oldest audit log”
·        If the number of notes on a record exceeds the records per page set in a user personal options, you will not be able to see the additional notes in the control. For example, if the records per page is set to 25, and you have 26 notes on the record, you will not be able to see the first note. Prior to Update Rollup 12 the Notes Control had “Add a new note…” and “Show more notes” hyperlinks on the notes control.”Show more notes” would allow you to display the next page of notes in the notes control.
·        Even though the print preview fits one page, always blank page 2 is printed.
CRM for Outlook Issues
·        When you create service activities and you sync those activities to your Outlook Exchange Mailbox, and you have devices like an iPhone or Windows Phone you will see UNKNOWN:UNKNOWN on the activity parties or invitees on those devices when viewing those service activities. This can lead to invitees getting removed from the service activity or becoming duplicated in CRM.
·        Poor performance with smart matching when the Email Hash and Activity tables have a large number of records.
·        Clicking the mail merge button in the Ribbon bar of the Advanced Find screen opened from the Contacts entity doesn’t do anything.
·        The context sensitive ribbon is not displaying in the Outlook 2011 Client when configured to a CRM 2013 deployment
·        After Update Rollup 12 or greater is applied to the Outlook client, the startup time for Outlook.exe can be significantly impacted if the configured organization contains many customizations
·        Microsoft.Interop.Mapi.MAPINameId.GetHashCode module led to Outlook crash
·        Outlook start-up time is impacted post Update Rollup 12
·        Outlook Quick Find does not work correctly for custom entities after Update Rollup 12
·        When users have several forms open in the Outlook Client and then open a model dialog such as a Lookup, several of the forms will be forced to the background, losing focus.
·        An environment where the SendEmailSynchronously OrgDbOrgSetting set to 1 the message below is presented when forwarding e-mails from Outlook.
“A record with these values already exists. A duplicate record cannot be created. Select one or more unique values and try again. Do you want send the e-mail? If you click Yes, the e-mail will be sent out, but no corresponding activity will be created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”
·        When a manually tracked contact in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Client for Outlook is merged with another contact as a subordinate record, that contact can be incorrectly synchronized to Outlook if the Outlook Client is reconfigured.
·        Untracking an email you do not own results in the email being deleted from CRM
·        Quick campaigns are not working in Outlook client when Critical Update is installed
·        Users of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Client for Outlook may experience issues where shared personal views may not show up on entity grids if the views had been shared or unshared previously.
·        After installing Update Rollup 10, 11, or 12, file attachments for emails get a contentId appended to them. If file name is mywordfile.doc, then the file attachment in CRM will show {cid:somecontentid@somedomain}mywordfile.doc

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