August 2 & 9 Blog Review

I have been a very bad blogger. My blog for two Fridays ago was just posted and my blog for last Friday is obviously not here. So here we have a two week blog review.Biggest news from last week was the Rollup 11 Critical Update. To find out what you need to know check out … Continue reading August 2 & 9 Blog Review

July 26 Blog Review

The CRM world is starting to recover from the flurry of news a few weeks ago. Here are the top stories this week:Everyone is getting excited/nervous for the Orion upgrade. PowerObjects is helping us with their blog Preparing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. If you are fully up to 2011 standards and compatible with the … Continue reading July 26 Blog Review

July 12 Blog Review

It has been far too long since my last “weekly” blog review. Lots of interesting things have been happening in the CRM world.Most importantly, the new version of CRM was officially announced as CRM 2013. We have some news from the Partner Conference as well as Update Rollup 14. Let’s cover the other notable topics … Continue reading July 12 Blog Review

June 21 Blog Review

This episode should be filled with valuable information since I missed last week’s edition. I have been very busy with different events and things. All the while wondering what these places use to track those involved. I am usually disappointed when I arrive to see that they simply highlight my name on a list. When … Continue reading June 21 Blog Review

May 31 Blog Review

The blog world was relatively quiet this week, seems like everyone was out enjoying the long weekend. Leon Tribe was reading over the weekend and posted a Book Review for an Applications Certification Guide. Personally, when I took the Applications exam I only used the Microsoft training. Since they wrote the test I assumed they … Continue reading May 31 Blog Review

May 26 Blog Review

The week of May 26th had a few different topics on the blogosphere. There were several articles about Gamification (or with mentions of it) as well as several new articles about Polaris/Orion features. Finally, I will tell you a bit about the Meet The Experts webinar hosted by Dynamics Café featuring Bob Stutz and Connor … Continue reading May 26 Blog Review