June 21 Blog Review

This episode should be filled with valuable information since I missed last week’s edition. I have been very busy with different events and things. All the while wondering what these places use to track those involved. I am usually disappointed when I arrive to see that they simply highlight my name on a list. When speaking to the bank this week I was very tempted to ask what they use but I was too nervous they would blacklist me for suspicious activity. Anyways, back to the good stuff – all Microsoft Dynamics CRM news since our last edition on June 11th.
What to do to be prepared for a disaster? Keep your towel with you and read CustomerEffective’s Disaster Recovery Strategies.
If you are having trouble with some Reports but would still like to follow the psychological path and think through the solution to your issues be sure to read CustomerEffective’s Force CRM 2011 Fetch Report to Show Subreport Even If There Is No Data.
Chris Cognetta has several items for us today. First, Preparing for Orion – be prepared for a full re-design of your forms to fit the new UI and also be ready to upgrade SQL and Windows Server. Also some issue fixes: Missing Ribbon after Rollup and SQL Server Unavailable during Installation.
Leon Tribe is still in love with this Microsoft Surface and tells you all about it in “Surface: One Device to Rule Them All”. I must get one myself. Also, in our environment we are just beginning to use Campaigns so I was interested in his blog on Associating Opportunities Directly to a Campaign.
I also found this compilation of blogs very similar to mine with the only difference of it gets to be published on MSDynamicsWorld.
VERY IMPORTANT: Microsoft posted about what to be prepared for with the next release. Here you will find docs on the changes to the implementation planning guide and SDK. I have not had a chance to read over these but will pass on my comments when I do.
Sonoma Partners will help us get prepared with their Summary of the new SDK and “Orion is Coming – Be Prepared”.
Finally, Jukka Niiranen has a great post on Advanced Queries with Advanced Find. He has some great ideas especially around getting past the limitation of being able to find a record with two types of related records – for example when searching for accounts that have purchased two distinct products.

That’s all for tonight folks.

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