October 4 Blog Review

It was a quiet week in the blog world this week. I think everyone is busy getting their systems and solutions ready for CRM 2013. Here are this week’s top stories:
CRM 2011
CustomerEffective was posting this week about integrating your CRM system with your phone system. The specific example was CRM Integration with Avaya one-X. They also talked about how to create a Pop-up with the Phone System.
Leon Tribe posted saying, You Know You Need a CRM System When you Have a BONA. BONA stands for: Business cards, Outlook, Napkins, (Microsoft) Access. You could also switch out Access for Excel. The problems with these sorts of systems are things getting lost, difficult to find contact information or meeting history and no way to collaborate with co-workers because data is all separate. These issues can be resolved by moving to a centralized CRM sytem.
CRM 2013
PowerObjects posted a review of Activities in CRM 2013. They show the different places to access Activities, how to create them and give a brief overview of the different Activity Types.
The Microsoft CRM Team is trying to help us prepare for CRM 2013 with Tips on Checking JavaScript code to Prepare for your Upgrade. They discuss why this needs to be done, what has changed and how to get started resolving the issues. They discuss using the Custom Code Validation Tool, Sonoma Partners also posted about it this week in: These Aren’t the 4.0 API Functions you’re Looking For. They discuss how to interpret the results and some false positives they identified.
Sonoma Partners also posted about some Administration Enhancements in CRM 2013. In CRM 2013, the performance of Quick Find queries is optimized by creating indexes automatically when searchable columns are configured. Also there are improvements to PowerShell support in that scripts can be executed remotely as well as improved error handling and reporting. There is also the addition of the CRM Best Practices Analyzer which looks and CRM Server Roles installed on your CRM Server and provides guidance about best practices and how to address potential issues.

That covers this week’s news. Have a great weekend!

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