June 21 Blog Review

This episode should be filled with valuable information since I missed last week’s edition. I have been very busy with different events and things. All the while wondering what these places use to track those involved. I am usually disappointed when I arrive to see that they simply highlight my name on a list. When … Continue reading June 21 Blog Review

May 10 Blog Review

Here is a summary of the most interesting happenings this week in the world of CRM.CustomerEffective: Everybody has bad data – People interact with data so it is not perfect. It naturally is grouped into silos and separate systems. When we try to gather this together into one system it can be very daunting. Plan … Continue reading May 10 Blog Review

May 3 Blog Review

Here is a quick review of the top articles and interesting pieces from the CRM world this week:Yammer Integration Demo Video from Customer Effective – This video demonstrates how you can use Yammer within your organization. There are also a few other important tidbits brought up:To use Yammer in CRM you must have the Enterprise … Continue reading May 3 Blog Review

May 26 Blog Review

The week of May 26th had a few different topics on the blogosphere. There were several articles about Gamification (or with mentions of it) as well as several new articles about Polaris/Orion features. Finally, I will tell you a bit about the Meet The Experts webinar hosted by Dynamics Café featuring Bob Stutz and Connor … Continue reading May 26 Blog Review