Late Weekly Blog Review – June 11

My Friday Blog review is very late since it is now in fact Tuesday. Still, let’s see what we can find.

Leon Tribe has some interesting thoughts on Associating Opportunities Directly to a Campaign.
Madrona posted a Review of Polaris Features. Interesting, most has been covered in the blogosphere already. One point I did find interesting is that in Polaris the Outlook Client search will be consistent with the Quick Find behavior in the web client, as opposed to just searching within the view.
MSDynamicsWorld has an interesting article discussing “Will Marketing Acquisitions change CRM competitiveness?” ExactTarget may be bought by Salesforce soon which could impact the many other CRM software platforms that are integrated with it. Also, with Microsoft’s acquisition of MarketingPilot some marketing vendors may be worried about losing business. General conclusion is that yes, things will change but it will take time. Marketing vendors have been working in the Marketing space longer so they will be able to stay in front of the curve.
Recently CRMUG hosted a great webinar about User Adoption, Gamification and the Yankees. You can read the summary on MSDynamicsWorld. If you are a CRMUG Collaborate member you can view the PowerPoint Slides as well.
Quick Tip from Mitch Milam about Working with Queues – create a new system view for all queues whose name does not begin with “<”. Use this to quickly hide all your personal queues.
Sonoma posted a review of the recently released Scalable Security Modeling White Paper (jump directly to the White Paper if you like). Main takeaways as highlighted in the article are: be careful with using too much sharing, do not have more than 1000 Business Units, don’t put users on too many teams, don’t modify team membership or user details often and be careful if a many users are logging in at the same time.

That’s all the goodies for today. Good night!

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