October 9 Blog Review

It’s a short blog review today because I still have lots of packing to do for CRMUG Summit! I’m looking forward to the week out in Reno connecting with so many great CRM professionals! My goals this year are to learn how to successfully upgrade from CRM 2011 to (hopefully) 2016 with minimal loss of … Continue reading October 9 Blog Review

September 25 Blog Review

Let’s jump right in to this week’s blog review.First of all, it’s always good to see what is going on at the CRM Tip of the Day. This week they talked about troubleshooting the mobile client (part 1and part 2) as well as had a video, Tipster Guide to CRM Themes.Ben Hosk talked about What’s … Continue reading September 25 Blog Review

August 14 Blog Review

It seems like a quiet week in the CRM world but we did have the CRMUG Washington, DC chapter meeting! If you are a CRMUG member, make sure you check out the Blog Recap from our presentations on Customer Service.PowerObjects posted about Adding JavaScript to Quick Create forms in CRM 2015. This talks about how … Continue reading August 14 Blog Review

June 5 Blog Review

I cannot believe it is June already and summer is in full swing! Unfortunately I am not at the beach but we can make the most of it by looking at the CRM posts from this week.CRM in the Field posted Improve CRM query performance using Compatibility version 120 with SQL 2014. This describes how … Continue reading June 5 Blog Review

January 9 Blog Review

It’s time for the first blog review for 2015!PowerObjects gave us some insight into The Art of Campaign Design: Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. This shows a little bit about how to set up campaigns in MDM and how to set up some automation.PowerObjects also talked about Key Considerations for Writing Scripts for CRM … Continue reading January 9 Blog Review

December 12 Blog

Keep warm by the fire tonight and read up on the CRM blogs of the week.PowerObjects had a good tip in Setting Visibility of a Business Process Flow with JavaScript in CRM 2015. This allows you to show and hide the Business Process Flow ribbon by using a yes/no field.PowerObejcts also gave on overview of … Continue reading December 12 Blog

July 25 Blog Review

Let’s jump right in to the CRM tips and tricks from the past week.PowerObjects gave some productivity tips in Tracking Records from Outlook to Dynamics CRM. They talk about how to track, CRM features you can use in your reply and the conversion options.PowerObjects also wrote Performing Form Merges Like a Pro in CRM 2013. … Continue reading July 25 Blog Review

CRMUG Summit Day 1 Key Takeaways

Making your CRM Case and Designing your Process Roundtable Gretchen Opferkew (MVP, PowerObjects)   User Adoption   Work to solve problems and look for quick wins. Look for pain points that can be addressed. Some easy quick wins can include views, dashboards and simplifying the form.   Be careful to avoid having too much customization … Continue reading CRMUG Summit Day 1 Key Takeaways

October 25 Blog Review

This week was extremely busy for me soaking up knowledge at CRMUG Summit in Tampa. It was a great conference with lots of information. I had hoped to be posting all week but due to an unforeseen computer dropping incident needed to be postponed. I hope to get all my notes posed very soon. When … Continue reading October 25 Blog Review

October 4 Blog Review

It was a quiet week in the blog world this week. I think everyone is busy getting their systems and solutions ready for CRM 2013. Here are this week’s top stories:CRM 2011CustomerEffective was posting this week about integrating your CRM system with your phone system. The specific example was CRM Integration with Avaya one-X. They … Continue reading October 4 Blog Review