April 18 Blog Review

In Smart Ways to Use CRM Technology Tools Across the Company, DynamicsCafe discusses how technology has evolved over time and how everything is becoming more digital. Examples are given of how to fit CRM into all areas of your business.
PowerObjects posted, How to Expand the Email Description field in CRM this describes how to expand the description area on an E-mail Activity form. If you use the traditional form editing techniques the description box will not change size. You can follow these directions to edit the XML to actually change the appearance of the form.
If you are receiving an error when Activating/Deactivating records check out this post from PowerObejcts –Error when Activating/Deactivating Accounts or Contacts in CRM 2013.
CustomerEffective posted Dynamics CRM 2013 on Tablets: App or Browser. When looking at mobile options users want to know how they will access CRM – will it be from within the tablet browser or from a special app? This post discusses the differences and how the App can be used in conjunction with the browser to make everyone happy.
Parature: What is it and How Can it Help Boost Customer Satisfaction? This post from the CRM Software Blog discusses the Parature Acquisition and the main takeaways from the Convergence presentation. Parature is a customer service offering that allows you to have a single portal to communicate with customers. This gives a place for customers to look for their own answers or to submit support tickets. It also gives user the analytics they need to see what is helping their customers the most.
The CRM Software Blog also shared – How to Manage Cross-Entity Business Process Flows in CRM 2013. This works through how to begin using Business Process Flows from the Analyze/Design phase through to full use. Remember to fully document the process you want first to prevent unnecessary changes later in the build process.
Sonoma Partners discusses Microsoft’s social offerings in Microsoft Gets Social. This describes your many different listening options, tips for your set up and what the future holds.

You might need a CRM system re-launch if…(or how to avoid Zombie CRM) was also posted by Sonoma Partners. The reasons they mention to re-launch your CRM are: Consolidating CRM Deployments (many tools/systems across different departments), CRM system is stagnant (Zombie CRM – bad data quality, low user adoption, behind on updates), or you are outgrowing your CRM implementation partner (need higher quality, desire long-term vision, systems are too complex).

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