February 28 Blog Review

Most of the CRM news this week relates to Convergence next week. It should be a great event with lots of CRM MVPs and other superstars there to report back on the news. Let’s take a quick look at the other news this week. CustomerEffective wrote about a solution to a customer’s CRM 2013 SubGrid … Continue reading February 28 Blog Review

February 21 Blog Review

It’s time to start enjoying the weekend! So let’s cover this week quickly. PowerObject’s Creating If Then Else Logic in CRM 2013 Business Rules – Tutorial on how to handle AND and OR conditions in your Business rules.CustomerEffective’s A Better Way to Control User Synchronization Settings in CRM – this describes a new tool that … Continue reading February 21 Blog Review

February 14 Blog Review

Here are the top stories from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM world this week.Microsoft posted a few things we need to be aware of. Via the Microsoft Premier Field Engineers’ CRM in the field we have the links to the CRM 2013 Implementation Guide and SDK. From the CRM Team we have a new white paper … Continue reading February 14 Blog Review

January 31 Blog Review

This week appears to be relatively quiet. Most of the news is for those just getting started with CRM 2013.If you only look at one link this week it should be the CRM Team Blog Handy Links for CRM 2013. This compiles all the blogs you will need as you implement, upgrade and get started … Continue reading January 31 Blog Review

January 17 Blog Review

Seems quiet in the CRM blog world this week after so much to cover last week. Let’s jump right into it.PowerObjects is always working to instruct and train new users. This week they came out with 13 CRM 2013 How-To Videos. This can be a great way to start learning and spend some time looking … Continue reading January 17 Blog Review

January 10 Blog Review

I have been a horrible blogger. The holiday seasons got the best of me. My last recap was November 21, so I guess we are talking about all the news from the last 7 weeks. PowerObjects has been busy blogging away. Here is a recap of the top articles:Creating Dialogs in CRM 2013 – walkthroughs … Continue reading January 10 Blog Review

October 18 Blog Review

Relatively quiet in the blog world this week. Everyone is beginning to use CRM 2013 and posting about its features. Of course everyone is also getting ready for CRMUG Summit next week! I will be there and hope to be posting about all the knowledge I acquire.In CRM 2011, you could set a default view … Continue reading October 18 Blog Review

October 11 Blog Review

This week was extremely busy for me. It also was busy in the CRM world. The latest Rollup for CRM 2011 was released and CRM 2013 became available as well. Check out this week’s top stories and blogs.Update Rollup 15 has been released for CRM 2011. You can get all the details from CRM in … Continue reading October 11 Blog Review

October 4 Blog Review

It was a quiet week in the blog world this week. I think everyone is busy getting their systems and solutions ready for CRM 2013. Here are this week’s top stories:CRM 2011CustomerEffective was posting this week about integrating your CRM system with your phone system. The specific example was CRM Integration with Avaya one-X. They … Continue reading October 4 Blog Review

September 27 Blog Review

As we approach the impending release of CRM 2013 I suspect that this review will continue to be divided. Half is for the future, half is for the past. Let us begin.News about CRM 2013:PowerObjects describes the new Inline Lookup Controls in CRM 2013. When clicking the search button on the lookup, records will display … Continue reading September 27 Blog Review