January 31 Blog Review

This week appears to be relatively quiet. Most of the news is for those just getting started with CRM 2013.

If you only look at one link this week it should be the CRM Team Blog Handy Links for CRM 2013. This compiles all the blogs you will need as you implement, upgrade and get started on CRM 2013.

In CRM 2013 you can now add Tool Tips to fields. PowerObjects talked about this in Tool Tips for CRM 2013. This will make use of the Description field on the attribute. That means two things: 1) if you have behind the scenes information in that field (who created it, why, etc.) you will need to remove it and 2) you will need to put valuable information in that field.

CustomerEffective talked to us about several new features in CRM 2013. First, Working with Subgrids in CRM 2013. Subgrids allow users to view details from related records of another entity within the record they are viewing. In CRM 2011 the ribbon was context sensitive, meaning that if you clicked in a subgrid your buttons would change. This was powerful but could be confusing. This has changed in CRM 2013, now there is only two buttons per subgrid – an Add New and an Expand. The Expand allows you to get back to all the other buttons you once had.

CustomerEffective also posted about Real-Time Workflows in CRM 2013. As you know, in CRM 2011 if you wanted something to happen synchronously you would need a plugin. Now we can set a workflow as real-time so it will run synchronously. Keep in mind that this could impact your performance so it is best to use asynchronous unless it needs to be processed immediately. 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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