Dataverse Security: Additional Security

Dataverse Security: Additional Security

Let's keep the security talk going with Dataverse Security: Additional Security. This video walks through Field Level Security (also known as Column Level Security), Form Security, Model Driven App Security and Business Process Flows. Dataverse Security: Additional Security Follow this Dataverse Security series for more resources and information! You can also subscribe on YouTube … Continue reading Dataverse Security: Additional Security

Washington Nationals Park

Power Baseball League: Custom Entities

Even the Washington Nationals are excited about our Power Baseball League and Custom Entity Creation! In our last post, we set up a Model Driven App. In our last post, we set up a Model Driven App. Now, we want to create some custom entities to go with the out of the box entities. We … Continue reading Power Baseball League: Custom Entities

June 2020 DC User Group Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came out to our D365 / CRM / Power Platform User Group meeting last night! This was a "local" meeting for the Washington, DC Chapter but we had attendees and speakers from around the world! Here are some more details on our presentations and speakers. D365 Performance Calling in from … Continue reading June 2020 DC User Group Meeting

March 18 Blog Review

Welcome to this week's blog review. We are going to jump right in to avoid rambling about the pitiful mess my March Maddness bracket has become.Microsoft announced a new Voice of the Customer Survey feature. Check out this article for more information about the information available and answers to your most common questions.PowerObjects posted about … Continue reading March 18 Blog Review

May 29 Blog Review

Let’s jump right in to the CRM news of the week!PowerObjects posted Preparing for CRM Upgrades. This is a great quick reference guide about what you need to know for all types of upgrades from simpler cases (2013 to 2015) to the bigger ordeals (4.0 to 2015).Sonoma Partners talks about Avoiding Form Script Errors with … Continue reading May 29 Blog Review

October 3 Blog Review

Somehow it has become fall. Even though it is getting colder, the CRM news keeps coming. Let’s take a look at the news and blogs from this past week.PowerObjects discusses Importing and Updating Records in CRM 2013. This talks about how to update records if you cannot use the Export/re-import functionality.Hitachi Solutions also talked about … Continue reading October 3 Blog Review

July 3 Blog Review

Let’s take a look at the CRM news on this short holiday week. Actually it was a holiday week for several countries – Canada Day on Tuesday and the 4th of July on Friday!PowerObjects is still blogging away about the Spring ’14 wave. They talked to us this week about setting up Server-Based SharePoint Integration … Continue reading July 3 Blog Review

May 16 Blog Review

Now that I caught up and the backlog of blogs earlier this week, I am hopefully back on schedule. Here are the top blogs this week.Adam Vero wrote a great blog called, Why Use Access Teams in Dynamics CRM 2013. This describes the reasons to use Access Teams and the benefits they can provide to … Continue reading May 16 Blog Review

February 21 Blog Review

It’s time to start enjoying the weekend! So let’s cover this week quickly. PowerObject’s Creating If Then Else Logic in CRM 2013 Business Rules – Tutorial on how to handle AND and OR conditions in your Business rules.CustomerEffective’s A Better Way to Control User Synchronization Settings in CRM – this describes a new tool that … Continue reading February 21 Blog Review

January 31 Blog Review

This week appears to be relatively quiet. Most of the news is for those just getting started with CRM 2013.If you only look at one link this week it should be the CRM Team Blog Handy Links for CRM 2013. This compiles all the blogs you will need as you implement, upgrade and get started … Continue reading January 31 Blog Review