October 11 Blog Review

This week was extremely busy for me. It also was busy in the CRM world. The latest Rollup for CRM 2011 was released and CRM 2013 became available as well. Check out this week’s top stories and blogs.
Update Rollup 15 has been released for CRM 2011. You can get all the details from CRM in the Field. The big changes in this rollup are improvements in CRM for Outlook. You can also check out the Knowledge base article for all the details.
Leon Tribe talked about how even if we do not have the Flow UI we can still design Work Processes in CRM 2011. The concept here is to create a workflow off of certain actions that causes tasks to be created. Then we can wait for those tasks to be completed prior to moving forward.
As you prepare for the upgrade, make sure you review your implementation for legacy code that is no longer supported. Check out PowerObject’s Using the Legacy Feature Check Tool to Prepare for CRM 2013.
CRM 2013 is now available. Donna Edwards posted all the links and information you will need to get started. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team also announced the CRM 2013 Customer Center, Implementation Guide and SDK.
PowerObjects discusses how to Create Business Processes in CRM 2013. Business Processes were partially available in CRM 2011 (after the Polaris release) but will be available on all Entities in CRM 2013. The process allows the system to guide users through what they need to do. These are easily created and edited by any users with the appropriate permissions.
CustomerEffective discusses another new feature of CRM 2013, Business Rules. This allows you to create rules on your form without the use of JavaScript. Some rules that can be created are setting fields to required, locking fields, displaying an error message, or doing a calculation.
Chris Cognetta posted about the CRM 2013 mobile offering. Check out the iPad Screenshot Tourand his tutorial on how to Pin CRM Tiles in Windows 8 Mobile Client.
If you are not already convinced to move to CRM 2013, check out Jamie Miley’s 7 Great Reasons to Upgrade to CRM 2013.

That should cover the top stories. Have a nice weekend!

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