October 18 Blog Review

Relatively quiet in the blog world this week. Everyone is beginning to use CRM 2013 and posting about its features. Of course everyone is also getting ready for CRMUG Summit next week! I will be there and hope to be posting about all the knowledge I acquire.
In CRM 2011, you could set a default view simply by hitting the “Set as Default View” button. This has changed in CRM 2013. PowerObjects talks about Default Views in CRM 2013. Check out the different Pin positions to see how it relates to what is the default and how to pick a new default view.
CustomerEffective discusses CRM 2013 and working Browser Independent. Browsers that are not yet supported will automatically open in Mobile Express, there are several ways to prevent this but you also need to be aware of the limitations and work that is still being done.
Candlewest prepared a great Infographic – One CRM to Rule Them All! It shows us how much faster the Lord of the Rings could have gone if they had a CRM system to keep them organized.
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team posted several helpful blogs for us this week – Manage Auto Save, Collaborate with new Access Teams, and New Capabilities in CRM Lookups. All of these give great insight into some of the benefits of moving to CRM 2013. 
Dynamics Café posted about using CRM to Support the New Customer. Customers today have a new way of buying. They research, read reviews, and look to social media. Today marketing is not what it used to be – “It is about social, it is about video, it is about turning customers into future advocates.”
Don’t forget to register for the CRM 2013 Global Premiere Event on November 4th! This will be an hour long virtual premier live from Barcelona.
Since it’s a quiet week I want to take this opportunity to brag on CRM Rock Star. CRM Rock Star is a place where you can record your CRM and SharePoint experience and it rates you against other Microsoft professionals. This is a great way to showcase your skills and see how you stack up. I am currently #11 in the United States! (You will have to log in to view profiles.)

That’s all for today! I am looking forward to passing on all the news from CRMUG Next week!

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