January 10 Blog Review

I have been a horrible blogger. The holiday seasons got the best of me. My last recap was November 21, so I guess we are talking about all the news from the last 7 weeks. PowerObjects has been busy blogging away. Here is a recap of the top articles:Creating Dialogs in CRM 2013 – walkthroughs … Continue reading January 10 Blog Review

September 13 Blog Review

News about CRM 2013 is starting to be released. Earlier this week the Release Preview Guide came out. Now partners are starting to talk about some of the features we should expect. Let’s talk about the CRM 2013 posts first.PowerObjects talked to us about two new features in CRM 2013: Quick View Forms and Portable … Continue reading September 13 Blog Review

August 29 Blog Review

It’s another short week with the Labor Day long weekend. Let’s see what the blog world holds for us today.PowerObjects posted a Tutorial for Including Case History on the Account. This is good for whenever you want to add a sub-grid to a form. They also posted several blogs about Installing, Configuringand checking your version … Continue reading August 29 Blog Review