Two Year Blogaversary!

Today, May 3rd, is my Two Year Blogaversary! I am so happy for this opportunity to have a small voice in the CRM Community. Over the past few years I have come a long way. I have gone from no certifications to five with another one in the works. I used to just attend CRMUG Chapter meetings and now I lead the meeting in Washington, DC (so save the date for May 13). Before, I did not know what a CRM MVP was and now some of them know my name!
In this short time frame I have created 96 blog posts (this will be 97) and had over 16 thousand page views. This may not be a whole lot in the grand scheme of things but it is far from nothing! I am so thankful to all of you for following and reading each week. I couldn’t have done any of this without the great CRM and CRMUG Communities!
I wanted to take this opportunity to review some of my top posts.
#1 – Tools for your CRM Success – This walks you through how to prepare to take your Microsoft CRM certifications. It discusses the resources to use and how to really learn the material.
#2 – Field Level Security vs. Not Searchable – A common point of confusion I run into is the difference between removing a field from the form while also making it Not Searchable and using Field Level Security. This has a handy chart to explain the differences. Even though this is an older post the material applies to all versions.
#3 – Real Life CRM – This is more of a funny post describing how I would use CRM if I had it for my regular life.
Finally, my Summit takeaway blogs have also been fairly popular. Check out Summit 2013 and Summit 2014. I look forward to being at Summit in Reno this year and continuing the tradition!

That’s all I have for you tonight. Thank you again for all your support that got me here!

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