Interactive Baseball

Power Baseball League: Interactive Dashboards

I interact with baseball by meeting the presidents. Today on the Power Baseball League we talk Interactive Dashboards which let us use our charts to filter other components of a dashboard. In our second Dashboard focused session on the Power Baseball League, we scratch the surface on Interactive Dashboards. What a cool addition to the … Continue reading Power Baseball League: Interactive Dashboards

Washington Nationals Park Scoreboard

Power Baseball League: Dashboards

Dashboards are like scoreboards. They show you all the important information you need to know quickly. This is great if you have been distracted eating your peanuts. It's time for the Power Baseball League to tackle Dashboards! Over our last couple of sessions we've spent time building out views and charts! Views give us the … Continue reading Power Baseball League: Dashboards

Visible Chart and Case View

Alert for Old Cases: Charts, Views, and Dashboards

Today, I continue to answer the question 'what was the best way to use a workflow to send an email when a case had not been modified in 5 days?' by discussing a potential solution using Charts, Views and Dashboards, oh my! Lets continue to work on comparing a few solutions to alert a case … Continue reading Alert for Old Cases: Charts, Views, and Dashboards

April 2017 Blog Review

Let's run through some interesting CRM blogs posted over the last month.Ledgeview Partners posted a quick tip on Custom Coloring Dynamics 365/CRM Dashboards which shows how to set colors for different options in an option set.Hitachi Solutions teaches the basics of entity creation through an example in Dynamics 365 Roadmap: A complete guide to Dynamics … Continue reading April 2017 Blog Review

March 18 Blog Review

Welcome to this week's blog review. We are going to jump right in to avoid rambling about the pitiful mess my March Maddness bracket has become.Microsoft announced a new Voice of the Customer Survey feature. Check out this article for more information about the information available and answers to your most common questions.PowerObjects posted about … Continue reading March 18 Blog Review

October 2 Blog Review

Suddenly it is very apparent that fall is upon us! It is dark, cloudy and rainy. But it is only a week until I escape to sunny Reno for CRMUG Summit!Let’s quickly catch up on some blogs this week so all of us east-coasters can get back to preparing for the hurricane.CRM Tip of the … Continue reading October 2 Blog Review

January 23 Blog Review

Let’s take a quick look at the CRM news that came out this week.PowerObjects gave a few quick tutorials to help with CRM 2013. First check out, What to do when: The ‘Set As Default’ button for Dashboards Disappears in CRM. This talks about how to resolve an issue that occurs when your Homepage is … Continue reading January 23 Blog Review

November 14 Blog Review

Let’s jump right in to the CRM news of the week!PowerObjects posted Keeping Afloat with CRM System Requirements for Dynamics CRM. This goes through the dynamics related products and the support dates that you need to be aware of.PowerObjects also blogged about Understanding Global Option Sets. This describes what Global Option Sets are and how … Continue reading November 14 Blog Review

May 10 Blog Review

Here is a summary of the most interesting happenings this week in the world of CRM.CustomerEffective: Everybody has bad data – People interact with data so it is not perfect. It naturally is grouped into silos and separate systems. When we try to gather this together into one system it can be very daunting. Plan … Continue reading May 10 Blog Review