Washington Nationals Park

Power Baseball League: Business Rules

We love Business Rules almost as much as we love baseball! This week the Power Baseball League rounds the bases with Business Rules! Business Rules allow our citizen developers to create form scripting with point-and-click customization. They allow you to do things such as set fields as required, show recommendations, show error messages or set … Continue reading Power Baseball League: Business Rules

Baseball shoes at the Washington Nationals Park

Power Baseball League: Marketing Lists

This has no relation to Marketing Lists, Quick Campaigns, or Dynamics 365 but I just love those shoes! Last week we talked about creating and using E-mail Templates. So today we will take that a step further to present Marketing Lists to the Power Baseball League. We are also going to talk about Quick Campaigns. … Continue reading Power Baseball League: Marketing Lists

Washington Nationals Yoga in the Outfield

Power Baseball League: E-mail Templates

I registered for this Yoga in the Outfield event because I got an email. This all started with an e-mail template. Let's learn how to create Dynamics 365 E-mail Templates! Welcome back to the Power Baseball League! Today we are going to talk about E-mail Templates. Somehow it is already March and that means its … Continue reading Power Baseball League: E-mail Templates

2021 January DC Chapter Meeting Photo

2021 January DC Chapter Meeting

Check out all these smiling at the 2021 January DC Chapter Meeting! Earlier this week we had a great chapter kick off with our 2021 January DC Chapter Meeting! Virtual meetings are really fun because we get to connect with people from all over the world. This meeting featured attendees for DC, Virginia, Maryland, New … Continue reading 2021 January DC Chapter Meeting

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Dynamics is Weird

If you have worked with Dynamics (or Dataverse or Common Data Service) for sometime you have probably said some variation of "Well, Dynamics is weird". This tends to come up for me when troubleshooting odd issues. It is so easy to assume a feature will function one way but then upon further inspection that is … Continue reading Dynamics is Weird

Captain America Winter Solider

Hero Insights: Introduction

As you may know, I like to find random use cases and then create a series of blogs to learn new technologies (such as #PowerPizza to learn Power Apps). I have been wanting to learn about Microsoft's Customer Insights and trying to think of good data sets to test this functionality on. I discovered there … Continue reading Hero Insights: Introduction

CRMUGDC Goes to Paris

Hashtag Goes to Paris!

Hashtag getting fashionable for Ignite the Tour Paris I am excited to announce that I will be headed to Microsoft Ignite the Tour in Paris! I unfortunately am unable to be at Microsoft Ignite Orlando. So I am excited to be involved in Microsoft Ignite the Tour. Microsoft Ignite the Tour gives people from around … Continue reading Hashtag Goes to Paris!

TDGi Hackathon – Team Apollo

Team Apollo at TDGi Global Hack for Education UPDATE: The results have been announced! You can also see all the submission videos from this great event! Last weekend I had the honor of joining Team Apollo at the TDGi Hackathon! This was a great event to demonstrate the capabilities of the Power Platform and raise … Continue reading TDGi Hackathon – Team Apollo

Who Modified This?

I am currently a moderator for the CRMUG/D365UG MB200 Certification Study Group (links to future and recorded webinars on my events page). Last week our topics included Workflows! One topic that can be confusing about Workflows is knowing which user the workflow will run as. This user's name will show up as the Modified By … Continue reading Who Modified This?

Alert on Old Cases: FLOW!

I have finally come to the last solution in my Case Study series! Today I continue to answer the question 'what was the best way to use a workflow to send an email when a case had not been modified in 5 days?' one last time by discussing a potential solution using FLOW! We have … Continue reading Alert on Old Cases: FLOW!