Dataverse Security: Other Stuff

Dataverse Security: Other Stuff

Finally, we are at the end of the Dataverse Security series with all the other stuff. This video will talk about Sharing and Access Teams, Hierarchical Security and Environment Security. Plus, we talk about the scope setting when working with Power Automate, Classic Workflows and other things as it's kind of related. Dataverse Security: … Continue reading Dataverse Security: Other Stuff

December 18 Blog Review

This will be the last blog review before my holiday time so let’s make sure it is interesting.I must start by reminding you that the CRMUGDC 2016 Chapter Launch Party was just announced! This will be a fun networking event on Thursday January 21st. It will feature eating, drinking and question-answering. Come out to learn … Continue reading December 18 Blog Review

November 20 Blog Review

Let’s jump right in to the CRM news of the past few weeks!Update 0.2 for CRM 2015 On-Premise has been released. For all the information review CRM in the Field’s Overview Blog. PowerObjects shared Manipulating the Value of Days Remaining between Today and the Expiration Date in Calculated Fields. This shows you how to modify … Continue reading November 20 Blog Review