Power Platform Introduction for Data Analytics

Power Platform Introduction Class
Look at me and Hashtag as college professors!

Today I was a guest lecturer for the St. Clair College Data Analytics program to give a Power Platform introduction. We talked about the value of low-code technologies, an overview of the Power Platform and the tools within it, plus some focused discussion around Artificial Intelligence and Power BI.

You can download the presentation here:

Some of the material in the presentation was compiled from materials made available by Microsoft. I encourage you to check out the following courses to see more:

These “in a day” materials contain step-by-step instructions to build cool things within the Power Platform! It’s a great way to get started! Also check out my previous blog for more Power Platform Resources.

Try it Yourself

There are plenty of resources and links available in the deck above. I encourage you to create a trial or developer environment and try it yourself. Here are some docs to help with that:


Most of the questions that I got after the session were related to Certifications and specifically if there are any discounts. Here are a few options to check out:

Additionally, there are so many training opportunities available for free! Be on the lookout for more free events from DynamicsCon Virtual and Microsoft starting with the Business Applications Summit in a few weeks! You can even join my Washington, DC Power Platform User Group for monthly free content and networking.

I hope this provided you (and the students!) with some valuable information to get started on your Power Platform journey! Happy Making!

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