Power Tips: Power Fx for Dataverse

Power Tips: Power Fx for Dataverse

The other day Heidi (LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog) and I met to discuss Power Tips: Power Fx for Dataverse! We were talking about two features that came out in the current and previous release waves: Formula fields with Power Fx and Using Power Fx in Business Rules. Check out the recording here: https://youtu.be/JtULh0JUb2s Power Tips: Power Fx for Dataverse … Continue reading Power Tips: Power Fx for Dataverse

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Power Baseball League: Rollup Fields

This is a field that is not a Rollup field. Occasionally they may roll something out onto this field in case of rain. That is not the same thing. Today on the Power Baseball League we are practicing our Rollup Fields. Plus we are going to talk about Calculated fields too. Rollups and Calculated fields … Continue reading Power Baseball League: Rollup Fields

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Alert for Old Cases: Calculated and Rollup Fields

Today, I continue to answer the question 'what was the best way to use a workflow to send an email when a case had not been modified in 5 days?' by discussing a potential solution using Calculated and Rollup Fields! We are talking about potential solutions for dealing with Cases that have been sitting in … Continue reading Alert for Old Cases: Calculated and Rollup Fields

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Case Study: Alert for Old Cases

I was recently approached at a conference about a unique question on the best way to do something in Dynamics365. The question led to a very interesting discussion because I realized that there were actually many possible ways that the objective could be achieved. So today I'm launching a new recurring Case Study mini-series where I … Continue reading Case Study: Alert for Old Cases

February 12 Blog Review

In honor of Valentine’s Day let’s start out with a list of things to love about CRM:1.       It is a great way to organize all your customer data and manage your business processes2.       It is extremely extensible for all your integration and customization needs3.       It allows non-developer types (such as myself) to easily modify the … Continue reading February 12 Blog Review

November 20 Blog Review

Let’s jump right in to the CRM news of the past few weeks!Update 0.2 for CRM 2015 On-Premise has been released. For all the information review CRM in the Field’s Overview Blog. PowerObjects shared Manipulating the Value of Days Remaining between Today and the Expiration Date in Calculated Fields. This shows you how to modify … Continue reading November 20 Blog Review

September 11 Blog Review

We have lots of CRM tips and news to catch up on from the last 2 weeks. First of all, the big news is the CRM 2016 was officially announced. Check out the press release, videoand release preview guide for all the information. This is scheduled to be available at the end of the year … Continue reading September 11 Blog Review

August 14 Blog Review

It seems like a quiet week in the CRM world but we did have the CRMUG Washington, DC chapter meeting! If you are a CRMUG member, make sure you check out the Blog Recap from our presentations on Customer Service.PowerObjects posted about Adding JavaScript to Quick Create forms in CRM 2015. This talks about how … Continue reading August 14 Blog Review

June 5 Blog Review

I cannot believe it is June already and summer is in full swing! Unfortunately I am not at the beach but we can make the most of it by looking at the CRM posts from this week.CRM in the Field posted Improve CRM query performance using Compatibility version 120 with SQL 2014. This describes how … Continue reading June 5 Blog Review

May 21 Blog Review

It seemed to be a quiet week in the CRM world. Let’s jump right in!CRM in the Field posted Customers’ choices… The most popular “Dynamics CRM in the Field” technical blog posted from Premier Field Engineering! This reviews the top posts over the last few years. These are full of great information so make sure … Continue reading May 21 Blog Review