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Dynamics is Weird

If you have worked with Dynamics (or Dataverse or Common Data Service) for sometime you have probably said some variation of "Well, Dynamics is weird". This tends to come up for me when troubleshooting odd issues. It is so easy to assume a feature will function one way but then upon further inspection that is … Continue reading Dynamics is Weird

November 2016 Blog Review

Before everyone runs off for Thanksgiving, we can take a few moments to be thankful for all the CRM blogs in the world and the knowledge that they bring us. I am so thankful for CRMUG and how much I have learned over the years. This past year I was stretched and presented in webinars … Continue reading November 2016 Blog Review

May 16 Blog Review

Now that I caught up and the backlog of blogs earlier this week, I am hopefully back on schedule. Here are the top blogs this week.Adam Vero wrote a great blog called, Why Use Access Teams in Dynamics CRM 2013. This describes the reasons to use Access Teams and the benefits they can provide to … Continue reading May 16 Blog Review