March 18 Blog Review

Welcome to this week’s blog review. We are going to jump right in to avoid rambling about the pitiful mess my March Maddness bracket has become.

Microsoft announced a new Voice of the Customer Survey feature. Check out this article for more information about the information available and answers to your most common questions.

PowerObjects posted about How to Use Dependent Lookups for Dynamics CRM 2013/2015/2016 Like a Pro. This walks through how to use two related entities and business rules to create dependent lists without code.

CRM Tip of the day shared the Illustrated Tipster Guide to CRM Forms. They feature a great chart that describes the use of each type of form and the features it supports.

Salentica blogged about CRM Full-Text Search and the Mysterious Case of Mr. Way. This describes an interesting issue where certain records were not pulling up when full text searching was in use.

Sonoma Partners asked How well do you Delegate? They provide a solution for when one user want’s to delegate visibility of certain records to another user.

That’s all for today folks. Have a great weekend!

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