Power Baseball League: Dashboards

Washington Nationals Park Scoreboard
Dashboards are like scoreboards. They show you all the important information you need to know quickly. This is great if you have been distracted eating your peanuts.

It’s time for the Power Baseball League to tackle Dashboards! Over our last couple of sessions we’ve spent time building out views and charts! Views give us the table data in a spreadsheet like format. Charts transform that data into easy to digest visuals that helps us make sense of what we’re seeing in the table data.

Today we dive into Dashboards where we can bring several elements of data together to get insight into what’s happening in the organization.

We opted to slice the topic of dashboards into two parts – classic and the newer “interactive” dashboards. We tackle the classic ones first.

In our discussion we build out a basic start to a dashboard of our Contact and Registration data. As a simple example, this dashboard would provide insight for our users on both of those tables in one place. The alternative would be a user having to navigate to each table individually and then open up the chart they want to see. Needless to say, dashboard bring forth some serious opportunity for efficiency.

Power Baseball League: Dashboards

Join us next week when we dive into the world of Interactive Dashboards!

This is part of the Power Baseball League Series with Malcolm McAuley (follow him on LinkedInTwitter or his Blog). You can follow the series on the Power Baseball League Series Page and the Power Baseball League YouTube Playlist as they are added.

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