Power Platform 24 Introduction to Dataverse Security

Introduction to Security in Dataverse

I have been very busy the last week talking about Security in Dataverse! So, I wanted to take a few minutes to share those recordings and resources with you. Security Horror Stories I started the week talking Security Horror Stories with the CRM Rocks Podcast. You can watch this on YouTube or listen on CRM … Continue reading Introduction to Security in Dataverse

Hashtag the monkey at Washington Nationals Park

Power Baseball League: Security Roles

Somehow Hashtag got past security at Washington Nationals Park. This demonstrates why it is important for the Power Baseball League to talk about Security Roles. It's time for the Power Baseball league to tackle Security Roles. We will jump right in to the wonderful world of system security! This topic can be scary. However, it's … Continue reading Power Baseball League: Security Roles

Panel: System Design for Administrators

CRMUG is continuing it's Panel Discussions series where community members spend 30 minutes giving their tips and best practices plus answering attendee questions. This week Ashley Steiner, Seth Bacon, Gus Gonzalez and I led a panel talking about system design. I wanted to share some of my highlights plus you can watch the recording on … Continue reading Panel: System Design for Administrators

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrading from 8.2.2 to 8.2.3

As part of troubleshooting Server Side Sync we upgraded our on-premise Dynamics 365 environment from version 8.2.2 to 8.2.3 (8.2.3 Details). There were several issues that occurred from this upgrade that I wanted to share to prevent you from falling into the same traps (or at least knowing how to recover when they arise).Related Articles: … Continue reading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrading from 8.2.2 to 8.2.3

Managing Users in Dynamics 365

In a recent CRMUGDC meeting Jim Novak talked about creating a new XrmToolBox tool to see users with a specific security role. This will be a helpful tool when it is ready for public use. In the mean time, you can also use Advanced Find for this.Here are some tools I use to manage my user … Continue reading Managing Users in Dynamics 365

CRMUG Summit 2017 Recap

It’s hard to believe that CRMUG Summit Nashville was already a month ago! The 2017 event was amazing! Full of live music, great content, and lots of networking! Of course, the #CRMUGDCMonkey was hanging around and we even had a party for all the DC, Virginia, and Maryland Attendees. If you didn’t make it out … Continue reading CRMUG Summit 2017 Recap

Releasing Field Level Security Profiles

Field Level Security (FLS) is a great feature which allows you to lock down certain fields to specific users or teams. You can control who can read the data, create the data and edit the data. This allows administrators to account for many security needs. For more detailed information on Field Level Security review this TechNet … Continue reading Releasing Field Level Security Profiles

August 2016 Blog Review

Let's start the month of August off right with some CRM Tip of the Day:Tale of a Small Change - great example showing the work that goes into "small" changesRecord Merge fails when assignee has insufficient privileges - merge issues when reparenting records owned by administrative access usersGet your Tab order in order - a … Continue reading August 2016 Blog Review

June 2016 Blog Review

Clearly summer schedules got the best of me this year. So let's quickly get caught up on all the CRM news.I always recommend you stay up to date with CRM Tip of the Day, here are a few to start with: Don't give users and teams the same role - spoiler alert: this can cause unexpected … Continue reading June 2016 Blog Review

May 20 Blog Review

Let's jump into a quick blog review for your Friday afternoon.PowerObjects posted Solving Security Headaches: Display Rules Based on Security Roles. This walks through how to use the Ribbon Workbench to modify the security of your forms.CRM Tip of the Day shared the Illustrated guide to entity creation in Dynamics CRM. This walks through what … Continue reading May 20 Blog Review