Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrading from 8.2.2 to 8.2.3

As part of troubleshooting Server Side Sync we upgraded our on-premise Dynamics 365 environment from version 8.2.2 to 8.2.3 (8.2.3 Details). There were several issues that occurred from this upgrade that I wanted to share to prevent you from falling into the same traps (or at least knowing how to recover when they arise).

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X-Anchor Header Change
The main reason we upgraded to this version was to ensure all integrations with Exchange used the X-Anchor Header. After the upgrade, this feature needs to be enabled by updating the OrgDB setting UseXAnchorMailboxInExchangeRequestHeader to True.

After the upgrade, one of our Navigation menus had additional options. To resolve, I simply edited the navigation as part of the form editor and included this in a solution. Then imported this solution as part of the Live upgrade.

SQL Error
Post-upgrade several users reported getting a SQL Error when attempting to access Dynamics 365. This error would pop up anytime a list of records attempted to load without a wait/timeout. Direct links to Accounts could open but related records could not be viewed.

Teams are heavily used in our environment for access and sharing. We found that each of these users was a member of over 20 teams. When several teams were removed, access returned as normal.

Reopened Tasks
CRM for Outlook is also used in my organization. We have seen cases in the past where tasks or calls were created in Dynamics 365 from Outlook even though they already existed (lots of duplicates!). This issue is no longer occurring, but some tasks and calls are being reopened.

So post upgrade, its important to monitor modified Activities especially where they were created in the past and already have an Actual End populated.

Sharing Advanced Find
The last issue we have experienced (or at least we have found so far!) was related to sharing Advanced Finds. Users were able to share views with individual users but received an error when attempting to share with a team. Downloading the log file revealed “missing prvReadUserApplicationMetadata privilege”. The User Application Metadata option is available on the Security Role Customization tab. I granted User level Read Access and this resolved the issue.

Has anyone else upgraded to 8.2.3? Any other issues I should be aware of?

User Application Metadata Security Update

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