July 26 Blog Review

The CRM world is starting to recover from the flurry of news a few weeks ago. Here are the top stories this week:
Everyone is getting excited/nervous for the Orion upgrade. PowerObjects is helping us with their blog Preparing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. If you are fully up to 2011 standards and compatible with the UR 12 cross-browser functionality you should be in a good spot to move to 2013. Make sure you do not have the “Include HTC support in Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms” setting checked when testing, this will not be available in 2013. To know how long you have to prepare check out MSDynamicsWorld and Putting it in Writing.
Queues in CRM can be a tricky feature. One especially irksome piece is how, in many implementations, users can see a full list of all queues including everyone’s personal queue. A good way to fix this is to decrease the read access level and then use teams and sharing for access. Learn more about this in CustomerEffective’s Taming The Queue View in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
For those of you working on moving to Update Rollup 14, Chris Cognetta advises that some old registry keys should remain in place to prevent poor performance. CRM 2011 Outlook Client: Disable Mapi Caching not working after UR 14.
This week Leon Tribe has been talking about Capturing Multiple Contact Roles in CRM. We know that Contacts can only be parented by one Account, but if they work at multiple companies some problems can arise. Some suggested approaches are: Connections, A Contact Role Entity and A Person Entity. Read the blog to see the Pros and Cons of each approach.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM just celebrated its 10thbirthday. Read some Veterans Reflections at MSDynamicsWorld.
If you missed the WPC a few weeks ago (like me) you can catch the Top 11 Stories here.

That’s all for today folks. Let me know if I missed anything and I can include it next week!

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