Power Baseball League: Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Creation

Nationals Park President Abe
I would like to relate Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Creation to Nationals Park Presidents but I cannot.

Let’s continue the Power Baseball League journey by starting the Dynamics 365 Customer Voice creation process!

So far we’ve talked about getting data into our system via manual import (hello historic spreadsheets!). Next we tackled Forms Processing to handle any hand written applications. Finally, Last week we built out a Power App to take a snap of the form and processes it. From a picture directly into the system – Amazing!! 

Now, we want to empower our applicants to input data directly into our system on their own! This is the ultimate organizational efficiency goal as it means our team doesn’t need to do anything. No messing around with imports, no taking pictures of forms and hoping they don’t have any readability issues. This puts the power of data entry onto the registrant themselves. All we have to do is review the data as it arrives. Sweet! 

There are several parts to this. This is one of those situations where we’ll need a bit of extra work up front. First, we needed to build out the webfrom itself. We built this using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

In a few weeks, we will show you how we take this submitted data and move it around. Using Power Automate we will shift data from the form submission over to our Power Baseball League data management system. 

Power Baseball League: Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Creation

Next Steps

Now it’s your turn! Turn on Customer Voice in your environment and build a form. This data will go directly into Dataverse (Common Data Service). Then you can determine what to do with each data element. More on this to come after Thanksgiving.

What’s next for you? What forms could your organization benefit from?

This is part of the Power Baseball League Series with Malcolm McAuley (follow him on LinkedInTwitter or his Blog). You can follow the series on the Power Baseball League Series Page and the Power Baseball League YouTube Playlist as they are added.

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