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MB-600 Study Group Panel
Look at all these amazing panelists for the MB-600 Study Group!

It’s time to get some certifications! Join the CRMUG/D365CEUG MB-600 Study Group!

If you haven’t joined one of the User Group Study Groups before this is a great time to get involved! For each series, there is a panel of experts who will guide the content and topics each week. Different panelists will join each session and share their experience, tips and tricks.

Attendees are encouraged to jump in too! Share your best practices or just ask questions that you have! This is a very different type of exam so we are all learning together!

MB-600 Resources

For the basics of the exam, first review the Certification page and the detailed Skills Measured document. This will give you the basics of what to expect and the topics to be prepared for. If you are not familiar with taking Microsoft exams, you can also review the frequently asked questions for things like number of questions, types of questions, time limit, etc.

As we talk through this exam we are going to use Neil Parkhurst’s Revision Guide. Neil always does a great job walking through these exams and giving you topics to dive deeper into. The CRM Ninja also has a recap of his experience with the exam and topics to be prepared for.

Additionally, several Learn courses and docs have been called out that I encourage you to review:

Where to Watch

The first two sessions have already aired and are available to watch or download. Keep in mind that User Group recordings require a paid membership to view.

The remaining sessions are coming up on Fridays at 10am EST. Register below to add to your calendar. Live sessions are completely free!

I hope to see you there!

As always these links will stay up to date on my Events page as well!

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