2022 January DC Chapter Meeting – CoE Starter Kit

2022 January DC Chapter Meeting attendees
Such a great turnout for the 2022 January DC Chapter Meeting!

For yesterday’s 2022 January DC Chapter Meeting, we had the amazing Manuela Pichler and Mike Ochs share with us about the Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter kit. This was a great presentation about all the value this set of tools can bring and how it can be used to improve your ALM practices.

What is the CoE Starter Kit?

The CoE Starter Kit is a collection of tools to help you manage and grow your Power Platform usage. Manuela Pichler (LinkedIn, Twitter) kicked it off by sharing how the CoE starter kit can help you own your own digital transformation.

Slide with screenshots of Power Platform analytics for "Power Platform Inventory, Telemetry + Organizational Data"
Here we see examples of the types of data that the CoE starter kit is using to help you analyze your Power Platform environment.

Telemetry is used to surface all kinds of analytics about your Power Platform environment. This can be used to identify who your champions are, see the reach of the platform and much more.

We also went through a demo of several of the tools. Keep in mind that you do not need to use everything. You can install the CoE Starter Kit and then choose the pieces that will be right for your organization.

Components of the CoE Starter Kit

Here are a few of the tools we looked at.

Power BI Dashboard that is part of the CoE Starter kit
Power BI reports: The CoE starter kit includes this amazing dashboard with 40 tabs of information. This includes the information to identify highly used apps, monitor licensing usage, find flows that use specific actions and more.
Command Center in CoE Starter Kit
The Command Center is a great starting place after you install the CoE Starter Kit. It contains all the helpful links to reports, apps and your own links too.
CoE Starter Kit: Command and Set up Center
Now you can customize elements such as notification emails without modifying the Flows!
CoE Starter Kit: Compliance request
There are also processes you can use to automatically review resources and check they are compliant with the policies your organization has configured.

ALM Accelerators

Next, Mike Ochs (LinkedIn, Twitter) took it away to talk through the development process and ALM Accelerators. He also did a demo of the process to create a new solution and manage it through the ALM Accelerator for Power Platform Power App.

CoE Starter Kit: Day in the life of a Power Platform maker team
We talked through the process of developers working on separate Power Platform environments and how this can be managed with proper ALM.
CoE Starter Kit: ALM Accelerator
Here we see one snapshot of the ALM Accelerator which allows you to manage solutions, assign them to branches, move to other environments and more.

Watch the Recording

The full recording is available here:

2022 January DC Chapter Meeting – CoE Starter Kit


For more information, check out these great resources:

Next Steps

This was an amazing meeting and we hope you join us for the next one! You can keep up with all our group’s events on Meetup. You can also see other community happenings on my Events Page.

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