2021 June DC Chapter Meeting

This week we had the 2021 June DC Chapter Meeting featuring Artur Zielinski (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube). Artur came to do a CRM Sales Bot Demo.

This demo showed how to use CRM Bot to get started building chat bots. We can build fully autonomous guided selling processed and make chat bots that are very useful and user friendly. The coolest part is that everything is using Power Platform tools such as Adaptive Cards, Power Automate, Conversation AI, and Dynamcis 365 features.

Check out the video for more information!


We always have a great time at our chapter meetings! In happy hour, we meet new people, solve problems, and have fun conversations. I hope you will join us for next month’s meeting featuring Steve Winward (Microsoft)! More info on the 2021 July DC Chapter Meeting here! Get registered!

As always, watch my Events page for all upcoming events to get involved with.

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