2021 July Chapter Meeting

2021 July Chapter Meeting Photo
The attendees of the 2021 July Chapter Meeting are ready to learn or head to space!

This week we had the 2021 July Chapter Meeting talking about the Power Platform for the US Government Cloud with a focus on Power Virtual Agents and AI Builder.

We had two amazing speakers from Microsoft: Steve Winward (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, GitHub) and Bradley Law (LinkedIn). They are a wealth of knowledge in everything related to the Power Platform especially for a government audience.

We started the session with an overview of the different government clouds and which Power Platform technologies are available where. Then we had deeper discussion into Power Virtual Agents which is now available for GCC. Plus a demo of the bot that was built and some of the other capabilities. Then we end the meeting with a few AI Builder demos in a GCC high environment.

Check out the video to watch the full 2021 July Chapter Meeting.

Power Platform for US Government Cloud – June 2021 Washington, DC User Group


Some links for more information:

2021 July Chapter Meeting Photo
Such a fun group! Come see us in person on August 14! See Meetup group for details.

Next Steps

Our next DC Chapter Meeting will be an in person networking event! Get all the details for our August 14 afternoon at Odd BBQ. Then keep an eye on our Meetup group for future events. We will pick up our 2nd Wednesday monthly meetings in September.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or check my Events Page for other places to find me.

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