2021 April DC Chapter Meeting

2021 April DC Chapter Meeting
Amazing turn out for the 2021 April DC Chapter Meeting

Yesterday was the 2021 April DC Chapter Meeting featuring Keith Whatling! We had a great turnout for our monthly happy hour. Plus a great session!

Selling the Power Platform

Keith Whatling (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) joined our 2021 April DC Chapter Meeting to talk about how to sell the Power Platform internally (as a customer) and externally (as a partner). This session talked through how to better position the whole platform to the organization. Plus shared some great success stories!

First we need to determine who we are selling to. We need to sell to the business. The business is where success stories come from. They understand the change that can be made. Then sell governance to IT. (For more information on governance, check out the Power Platform Virtual Happy Hour on setting up a Center of Excellence.)

Remember we are selling a platform! This simplifies how we explain licensing and makes it much more appealing. You can use the Power Platform Adoption Framework to get a full enterprise understanding of the platform.

We are not just selling an app, we are selling digital transformation!

Keith Whatling

He also shared the concept of Digital Inclusion which is the idea of creating app for small groups or individual users. Even though its just for one user, it can completely revolutionize their job.

Check out the full recording below:

Join us Next Time!

The DC Chapter has monthly meetings and we would love for you to join us! Next month, we will be focusing government use of the Power Platform, Dynamics 365 and Azure. Register here!

As always, you can see all my upcoming events on the events page. I hope to see you next time!

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