April 25 Blog Review

In CRM 2013 Business Rules: Allowing Users to Change Their Mind PowerObjects discusses the concept of converse Business Rules. Anytime you create a Business Rule to show/hide fields or set fields required you should always have a rule that does the opposite in case that situation no longer applies. The easiest way to do this is “Save As” your original rule and then flip the conditions.
PowerObjects also posted – Executing a Workflow Upon Change of Business Process Flow Stage in CRM. This describes how to trigger a workflow when a user presses the “Next Stage” button in a business process flow.
McGladrey posted Sub-grid Auto Reload Limit Change in CRM 2013. This discusses how only 4 sub-grids would be loaded in CRM 2011 at a time unless a custom script was used to reload them. In CRM 2013 this limit does not exist so those scripts can be eliminated.
Sonoma Partners posted a 2 part series on how to Phase CRM Projects. Check it out here – Part 1: Getting Started and Part 2: Break it up.

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