2023 March DC Chapter Meeting Screenshot

2023 March DC Chapter Meeting

Yesterday we had the 2023 March DC Chapter Meeting featuring discussions about Power BI and ALM for Power Platform! Check out the details below to connect with speakers and watch the presentations. Group of cool kids at the 2023 March DC Chapter Meeting Tips to Improve Power BI Visualizations Chibueze Obasi (LinkedIn, Twitter) joined us … Continue reading 2023 March DC Chapter Meeting

June 26 Blog Review

Apparently everyone is off on vacation except for me. I just have a few quick posts to highlight for you this week.First of all, several weeks ago we talked about the importance of people in your CRM deployment. This week Leon Tribe talked about the Top Ten Secrets to a Successful CRM Deployment: Part two … Continue reading June 26 Blog Review

July 19 Blog Review

Let’s jump right into our CRM news of the week!This is a bit more technical than I usually include but you should check out Hosk’s Don’t let bugs get into Production Environments. This stresses the importance of making sure you look for issues throughout the whole design and release process. It will be harder to … Continue reading July 19 Blog Review