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Here we see Hashtag, the DC Power Platform Chapter mascot, studying too!

I am frequently asked for help finding Power Platform Training Resources or providing assistance to those just getting started. So, I thought I would compile these resources into a quick blog. Feel free to add your tips and resources in the comments!

First of all, there is the Microsoft Training Days. These are free events you can register for that help prepare for certification and even (sometimes) provide a free exam voucher.

Second, we cannot forget the “in a Day” materials! These trainings can be offered by Microsoft or partners, but you can also do them on your own. All the materials are available for download.

Additionally, you can join instructor-led training for Power Platform or Power BI.

Finally, there is an abundance of content on Microsoft Learn. I like to turn on the Read Aloud function in my browser to read the materials to me. This helps me stay focused and absorb a lot more.

Of course, there is also so much made available by others in the community too! Check out this recap of Power Platform Training materials. Plus, the amazing Power Wiki has an In a Day page as well. (Power Wiki is a great place to look for all kinds of Power Platform resources!)

Feel free to share your favorite people or channels to follow in the comments! You can also see other content I have created and where to find me on My Events Page! What other resources did I miss?

Special thanks to Mike Hartley, Éric Sauvé, Julian Sharp and Rishona Elijah for sharing their links for this post!

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