DynamicsCon LIVE: First Party Apps

Kylie and Andrew being fancy. With Hashtag the pink monkey.
Hubby came to DynamicsCon LIVE for the theme parks but also got to be Hashtag’s handler for the evening!

Today, I am at DynamicsCon Live in California talking about Dynamics 365 First Party Apps! This is my first in-person event and I am excited to be back and meeting so many new friends!

For my attendees, here is the presentation for you to download:

There were several amazing people and resources that helped create this deck! Huge shout outs to Julie Yack, Emma D’Arcy, and Heidi Neuhauser. Also check out these resources where some of these slides came from. See references on each slide in the deck as well.

There are more great resources in the deck and that will be discussed during the rest of the day! Feel free to reach out if you have questions or look for me at a future event.

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