Power Baseball League: Chart Basics

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It is important to balance your data views with data visualizations using charts!

CHARTS RULE! Today the Power Baseball League is taking on Chart Basics. This builds on the system and personal views we built the last two weeks. Now we want to show you a few things you can do with charts for those views.

Graphical representation of data is powerful tool. In some ways, it adds context to the data someone is looking at. Plus, it gives users a quick way to consume information. They also lay the foundation for use in dashboards which we’ll talk about in a future release.

In today’s video, we touch on the creation of a basic chart and include some insightful discussion on key aspects you’ll want to think through as you plan your own charts. We highlight the drill down capability. Then show you how to take a user’s personal view and import it as a system view so others can benefit!

Power Baseball League: Chart Basics

This is part of the Power Baseball League Series with Malcolm McAuley (follow him on LinkedInTwitter or his Blog). You can follow the series on the Power Baseball League Series Page and the Power Baseball League YouTube Playlist as they are added.

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