Power Baseball League: Build a Forms Processing Model

Nationals Park Presidents Virtual Race
As I may have mentioned, one of the things I love about Nationals baseball is the Presidents Race. Sometimes they race like Mario.

Last week we talked about getting started with a Data Import so we want to look at more ways to keep bringing data into the system. That means we are going to build a Forms Processing Model!

You may remember our first attempt at the forms processing function with Phil Topness a few weeks ago was based on the historical registration form for the Power Baseball League. In the spirit of finding efficiencies and simplifying process, we decided to shorten the form, both to make it easier for people to sign up, but also to simplify the form processing model. 

During this video, I will set up and train the model for the improved form! Take note of how short this video is! It is super quick and easy to create and train the model!

Power Baseball League: Build a Forms Processing Model

Forms Processing Resources

To get started on your own, check out these docs resources:

I hope you learned from today’s quick video! What forms are you going to start processing?

This is part of the Power Baseball League Series with Malcolm McAuley (follow him on LinkedInTwitter or his Blog). You can follow the series on the Power Baseball League Series Page and the Power Baseball League YouTube Playlist as they are added.

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