Power Baseball League: Forms Processing with Phil Topness

Presidents Race at Nationals Park
I have already told you of my love for the Presidents (the mascot versions) so of course I love the portion of the baseball experience where they run around!

It’s time to add another star player to the Power Baseball League line up – Phil Topness! We have invited Phil here to talk to us about using Forms Processing to get data into our system.

We’ve already talked about how our constituents will need to continue filling in paper application forms to register their children in the up-coming season. To that end, we wanted to make sure our solution had a tool that could automatically read data, even hand-written information, from a form. This is a great use-case for Forms Processing. 

Phil is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft and near honourary Canadian! He just needs a shot of maple syrup! We will talk about his irrationally excited take on the potential of forms processing to help our project. We not only talk through it, but we also dive into the tool using our hand-written application forms and see it unfold in real time during the call. 

I LOVE Forms Processing!

It’s clear this functionality has the potential to find efficiencies for any organization that needs to read data (printed or hand-written) into a system. Plus Phil’s enthusiasm about the topic is infectious! Many thanks to Phil for joining us on this video! Make sure you follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

In this video we talk about everything you need to know to set up your Forms Processing model. We also walk though building the model step-by-step. It is so cool to see the AI working to identify the fields in just a few minutes!

Power Baseball League: Forms Processing with Phil Topness


There are several docs to check out to help you with these tools:

What is your next step? How can you use these tools in your organization?

This is part of the Power Baseball League Series with Malcolm McAuley (follow him on LinkedInTwitter or his Blog). You can follow the series on the Power Baseball League Series Page and the Power Baseball League YouTube Playlist as they are added.

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