Hero Insights: The Final Result

If you are just joining us, I am working on a series to learn about Dynamics 365 and Customer Insights using superheroes! You can check out the full series on the Hero Insights page. Enjoy!

Well we have finally made it to the end of our exciting adventure. I have learned a lot through this blog series and I hope you have too! Let’s take a look at what we accomplished.

The Results

Customer View in Customer Insights
Within Customer Insights we can see our full list of heroes with data from the Common Data Service as well as other data sources.
Customer Measures in Customer Insights
As we looked at yesterday, we can view the data for a specific hero (customer) along with their specific measures.
Common Data Service hero record
Within our Model-Driven App we can see the contact details from the Common Data Service (CDS) along with a picture of our hero.

Plus of course we also have the segments and business measures created over the last few days!

Your Final Lesson

Thank you for your patience young grasshopper. This is the last I have to teach you. Here are a few tips as you go forward.

It is very important to plan your data model. The benefit of these low code tools is that it is super easy to get started and get insights without a data scientist. However that does not mean we can just jump in all willy-nilly. We need to plan so that when you get to a point of wanting a data scientist, they can still work with that data. This include standardizing field types, planning your mapping, identifying primary keys and more.

On a related note, it is also important to define what data is actually needed in the Common Data Service. To help the data unification be successful, I could have left some of the attributes out of CDS and kept it solely in Customer Insights. The only data needed in CDS would be what your users (Nick Fury in this case?) would need for their sales process and everyday activities.

As always you should keep learning! There is so much more I have to learn on Customer Insights! There are several ways to bring this data back into my model-driven app either as a measure on the record or as a whole segment. I also would like to find out how to get the images from my Contact record to also show on their Customer Insights record. I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg (or the fortress of solitude?) on what this tool is capable of!

That’s all for now. Now it is your turn to go out, drive insights, and bring justice!


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