Hero Insights: Setting up Measures in Customer Insights

If you are just joining us, I am working on a series to learn about Dynamics 365 and Customer Insights using superheroes! You can check out the full series on the Hero Insights page. Enjoy!

After we narrowly escaped the dangers of creating our segments, we now want to create some measures in Customer Insights. Measures are different types of calculations or rollups on the data. These can either be for the whole organization or for a specific customer (hero in our example).

Setting up Measures in Customer Insights
To get started, select “New measure” in the Measures area

Types of Measures

There are 3 types of Measures that you can create in Customer Insights:

  • Business Measure: this is a calculation across all of the data. You can combine data from multiple sources and perform different operations like Average, Max, Sum, Count, etc. This is displayed in the Home area. I used this to do things like total number of heroes in the data set or average power. These calculations could get much more complicated through the use of variables, additional dimensions and additional entities.
  • Customer Measure: allows you to use similar set-up to get a single value on a customer record. I used this to simply show a ratio of height to weight for the record. Again, this could get much more complex. These can also be pulled in to segments as part of that logic.
  • Customer Attribute: I did not build a customer attribute for this data set but this functionality can be used to generate a full table of related, calculated data.
Select the Type of Measure
Next you will select the type of measure you want to create. The type selected will determine where the result(s) are displayed and what can be done with that data.

Setting up Measures in Customer Insights

Business Measure Setup in Customer Insights
Here is an example of a Business Measure. We are going to look at the core Customer data set as well as the additional data we mapped that contains power stats. Then we are finding the max value in strength.
Customer Attribute Measure in Customer Insights
In this Customer Attribute I used a variable to compare two fields within the customer profile. This data is within our core dataset (in CDS), however the same method could be used on data from our extra (Customer Insights only) data.

The Final Product

Once these measures have been defined we will need to run them similar to other functions in Customer Insights. Let’s take a look at the final product after those have completed their calculations.

Business Measures in Customer Insights
Business Measures will be displayed in the home area as they are showing data across all sources.
Customer Measures in Customer Insights
Customer Measures are displayed within the customer (hero) profile as an additional card.

All of this data can also be reviewed from the Measures area. For Customer Measures you can even export all the data to .csv for additional analysis.

With these measures we can now fully analyze our super hero team! We can use this data to create the best hero team ups of all time! Join me tomorrow to see the final results and discuss improvements as well as lessons learned.

Can these heroes truly be measured? Is there more merit that cannot be captured in data? Can these philosophical questions be answered in one more post? Join in next time to see the epic conclusion to this heroic series!

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