Power Pizza: App Version 1

We are in the middle of a Power Pizza Blog Series! I am walking through lessons learned while building a Power App to track your Pizza Crawls. This will allow your friends to submit their locations, enter ratings and view the winner. Finally, a scientific solution for finding the best pizza!

Pizza Party Game
Pizza Party game for playing on your Pizza Crawl. It is much more sophisticated than Power Pizza Version 1.

The First Demo

Let’s talk about the Power Pizza Power App version 1. It was a complete disaster! I was so excited to show it off and button after button did not work. I thought I submitted a new record and nothing was added. Then I thought I would go back and I couldn’t. At one point, I got to a page where there was no way to leave.

Needless to say I sat there laughing very hard and very concerned that this project would never come to fruition.

However, a few days later the App was completely different! Buttons were working! Forms were submitting! It was great!

Finally, I was able to test, find issues and fix them quickly. It was amazing to see the progress in just a short time.

The moral of the story is – Don’t give up! You will get there! It just takes time and perseverance.

Stuck Again

Then I got stuck again. I had a few remaining pieces I wanted to do but I couldn’t figure out. I made a list of everything I wanted to fix so I could mark things off as they got done and add things as I found them. This really helped to see incremental progress as I worked.

The one issue I struggled with for far too long. I looked at blogs and docs pages but seemed to go in circles. One night I had given up and decided to wait for Phil Topness to help me and then I had an epiphany and solved it. More to come on this later.

Keep trying! You will figure it out!

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