Power Pizza: An Introduction

It’s time for another blog series! I wanted to use a Power App to solve a real life problem. This was a great opportunity for me to keep learning Power Apps (Model Driven and Canvas), Power Automate, and the Common Data Service. So I want to talk through what I learned! The problem I wanted to tackle was how to find the best local pizza by digitally tracking our progress during a Pizza Crawl.

Today we will talk through the basics of how I accomplished this goal. Over the next few days I will share the top things I learned or struggled with. Then at the end you can download the full solution and run a Power Pizza Pizza Crawl for your friends!

Pizza Crawl First Stop
Pizza Crawl First Stop: Del Ray Pizza, Alexandria

What is a Pizza Crawl?

Recently, a friend of ours had a birthday and we asked what he wanted to do to celebrate. He said “I don’t know. I like Pizza”. So we decided to do the only thing that made sense, throw him a pizza party. And thus, the idea for our Pizza Crawl began to form.

There were 4 of us going on this crawl so each of us picked one local pizza restaurant in the Washington, DC area. The plan was to drive to each restaurant, order a pizza, and obviously we needed to rate the pizza itself. At the time, I provided a paper rating sheet so we could rate each pizza on various attributes such as toppings, crust and joy.

The night before, my husband turned to be and said, “It would be cool if you had an app for this.” Of course, that was a brilliant idea but my Power Apps skills we not quite ready so we used paper forms.

This was a great day of pizza eating and I think our Pizza Crawling may become a annual tradition. For future events I plan on having an app to make the ranking submission much easier. Which is exactly what lead me to build the app on which this series is based.


The primary goal of this app was to replace the paper forms used for pizza ratings. We also wanted to give the guests the ability to enter in the pizza place they wanted to attend and see the final ratings across all locations.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the first version of the app.

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