Alert on Old Cases: FLOW!

I have finally come to the last solution in my Case Study series! Today I continue to answer the question ‘what was the best way to use a workflow to send an email when a case had not been modified in 5 days?’ one last time by discussing a potential solution using FLOW!

We have been discussing ways to send email alerts when a case has not been modified for 5 days. There are a few ways to do this with strict Dynamics 365 customization but it may be easier to do with the Power Platform!

Here is the goal with Flow:

Flow Logic Diagram
Goal logic with Flow

Now, let’s see how this would actually be built with Flow.

Flow screenshot
Flow Recurrence and List logic

Note that I needed help with the OData query and used the XrmToolBox tool by Jonas Rapp – FetchXML Builder to generate.

Flow Screenshot of logic to apply to each
Apply to Each Logic

This is much simpler than the earlier workflows we discussed. It will require traditional Dynamics 365 admins get up to speed with Flow but this is important anyways.

This solution has the added benefit of moving the processing outside of dynamics so there is no performance impact like we potentially had with waiting workflows.

We have finally reached the end of my first Case Study series discussing Alerts on Old Cases. I hope taking a look at multiple solutions from different perspectives has been helpful in understanding the many options within Dynamics365. Be sure to check out the other solutions in this series and let me know in the comments below what you think of this solution as well as the series as a whole! How have you solved this problem in your environment?

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