Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade from 8.1 to 8.2.2

Recently my organization upgraded our 8.1 on-premise instance of Dynamics 365/CRM to version 8.2.2. This went very successfully and we had no major issues when testing or on go-live. The front-end changes are minimal so users were able to use the new version without needing re-training.

However, there were a few things that popped up and surprised us post upgrade:

  • Call Direction: There is a slight change to the out-of-the-box logic when changing the “Direction” on a Phone Call. We have some custom scripting that sets the “Attendees” field. Since this field had 2 Attendees populated, when you change the Direction from Outgoing to Incoming it presents a warning message. If you proceed, then it will update both the Sender and Attendees field.
    • Takeaway: be sure to test minor features when you upgrade such as changing the direction of a call.
    • Resolution: We found that the message only occurs when clicking the OOB field (not when changing through workflows or business rules). So we created a custom “Direction” field then used a Business Rule to set and hide the OOB field as the Custom field changed.

  • Advanced Find Column Focus: We love Advanced Find! So we have lots of views with lots of columns. On version 8.1, if you scrolled right in a view and then selected a line item, the view automatically scrolled to the far left (1st column). On version 8.2.2, we noticed that on some views it was scrolling to the right instead. Turns out it was scrolling to the Primary Field for that entity. 
    • Resolution: The solution was to move the Primary Field to the left so users did not notice the change in behavior. This example was on the Opportunity entity where we had the “Topic” field further to the right so when a user viewed their opportunity and tried to select one it was “jumping”. Problem solved with some simple System View updates!

  • Workflow Ownership: When we first upgraded to 2016 (8.1 from 2011) we loved the new feature that you could import workflows without reassigning to yourself then back to your system user account. However, after upgrading to 8.2.2 this appears to not be working exactly as advertised. When importing an existing workflow assigned to another user, the import proceeds successfully. Workflow remains active and assigned to that user. However future system jobs are assigned to the importing user (as if they were the workflow owner). 
    • Resolution: To fix you will need to reassign those workflows back to the owner you want.
    • I have seen this community post for a similar issue but I do not see any Microsoft fixes yet.

  • OOB Business Process Flows and Business Rules: There are some new Business Process Flows and Business Rules added. If you are not using these, make sure you disable. I did notice that the Business Process Flows were active but did not have an Active Process ID. I suspect (but have not confirmed) that they have dependencies to other OOB Process Flows that we had already deleted. So remember to check all the Active processes and see what you actually want to use.
    • Resolution: Review and deactivate as necessary.

  • Split Server Roles: The last gotcha in our upgrade is a bit past my technical depth but the synopsis is that we have multiple front and back end web servers. So this means that our upgrade is a two-step process. Once the upgrade is done to all of the servers you additionally need to upgrade the database.
    • Identification: In CRM, go to Options > About to see the version. If the versions do not match then this could be the cause.
    • Resolution: Open the Deployment Manager and see “Update Available”. Perform this update.
    • Takeaway: Ensure your server architecture is documented so you can identify where issues like this could exist (example your Development instance might all be on one server but production is broken out).

As I said, most of our upgrade went very smoothly. These issues were mainly invisible to the end users and we were able to resolve quickly.

Has anyone else done a similar upgrade? Have you seen the same issues? Or different ones I should be on the lookout for?

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