June 2017 Blog Review

There were lots of great posts shared in June but first a quick reminder to check out your local CRMUG events! CRMUGDC (Washington, DC Chapter) will be hosting a combined event with the Reston, VA chapter. This Summit Preview will be a full day event with 6 speakers! We will discuss a variety of topics from How to Use CRM to Drive Success to Extending Workflows; from Administrator Tips to Virtual Entities and Odata consumption. This is going to be a great event for all experience levels and job roles. To learn more and register check out the chapter page at CRMUG.com/Washington!

Ledgeview Partners shared Using Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. This article walks through the information needed to get started on your first Advanced Find. This is a powerful skill that helps you understand more about CRM and how your data is related.

System Administrators often need to add new fields to their CRM implementation. There are several articles to check out on this topic:

PowerObjects also shared Custom Action Quick Tips. Check this out to learn how to create a simple Action that can be used to do more complex logic without code. Refresher: Custom Workflow steps are code pieces that can be called by a workflow to do more complex steps, Actions are additional steps built inside CRM that can be called from code or workflows. Actions allow for the input of parameters as well.

Sonoma Partners worked to help with a very confusing topic in Best Practices for Microsoft Security Settings: Append vs. Append To. This discusses the differences between and meanings of the Append privileges as well as some tips to keep in mind.

This month details were also released on the July 2017 release for Dynamics 365. To learn more check out Jukka Niiranen’s All You Need to Know About Dynamics 365 v9.0 (For Now) and Chris Cognetta’s Dynamics 365 Spring Release: 5 Takeaways from a Business Solutions MVP.

As always, keep an eye on the CRM Tip of the Day to see if there is anything relating to your organization. This month I was particularly interested in:

That’s all for today. Back to summer CRM enhancements!

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