July 2017 Blog Review

To get started, Microsoft released a new Dynamics 365 Documentation site. This makes sure all the training and information you need is front and center. Also check out Ledgeview Partners Overview of the site.

Ledgeview Partners also posted on Planning for CRM Success: 4 Key Characteristics of a Successful Project. This talks about the important areas to focus on when releasing a new CRM or even doing an upgrade to ensure the project is a success.

On a related note, Sonoma Partners discussing Driving Project Value through Change Management and Project Management integration. These tips are helpful in the initial implementation of CRM but also in the on-going product support and CRM expansion within your organization.

PowerObjects shared a tutorial on Auto Capturing Emails. Learn why you would want to automatically capture emails and how this will display for users.

PowerObjects also walked us through how to capture audit data using Real-Time Workflow: Capturing Pre and Post Values. Keep in mind that out of the box audit records do not allow for Advanced Finds or Workflow interaction so solutions like they demonstrate are necessary if you want to act on Audit changes.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Blog shared Predicting Business Outcomes with Customer Insights. This gives us a look into how Customer Insights can be used to drive business.

As always, make sure you check out the new tips on CRM Tip of the Day before getting back to your summer fun!

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