Summit 2015: Day 3 Takeaways

Let’s quickly catch up on the last day of Summit! Of course the big announcement is that Summit 2016 will be in Tampa! Make sure you block your calendars and plan to be there for lots of great learning and networking. (But before that remember to come out to the Washington, DC Chapter Meeting on November 4th!)
Change Management Tips
Keep a backlog of all of the changes that need to be made – large issues and minor changes. Releases will need a balance of small and large items. Prioritize and review the backlog consistently.
Have “Story Jam” or Sizing sessions to fully flesh out requirements. These should involve the business team, development, QA, and anyone else who would need to be involve in the process. Make these fun, team-building days to improve relationships and ease future work.
Be sure to communicate changes to users. Make use of the custom help feature, consider linking to a SharePoint folder with short videos that help with that record type. Constantly remind users about this in training.
Always keep performance in mind. Scale and performance need to be key. Process should not be decided before the structure. Everything must be built to scale.
Standardize where you can. Users need to get what they need but may not always get what they want.
Customer Service
The 4 C’s of customer service are Communication, Commitment, Consistency and Customer Connectedness.
Define your KPIs and remember they may not be traditional KPIs. Define your process and goals first and use this to build out metrics based on what matters to you.
The experience must be flexible. Engaged Employees create happy customers which are easier to deal with and make happier employees. Define the roles and responsibilities for each group and define the experience you want to provide. Then define the processes to support this experience. Next train and enable employees to apply these flexibly.
Ensure you are aligned with business and organizational goals. Know the long term plans or the organization and make sure technology is aligned to support this.
To manage knowledge, empower users to create and publish. Define what you are looking for and ask for the resources to assist. Only maintain articles that are in use, let the older unused articles fall away.
Advanced Workflows
Glen Wolinsky (@glenwol1) lead a great presentation on combining workflows with some custom workflow activities and form Java Script. Be on the lookout for a follow up webinar. This really shows the power of CRM when combined with creativity and a little bit of code.
It also demonstrated the value of fully mapping out your processes. Use Visio to show all the logic including IF conditions, Waits, Child Workflows, etc. This is a great way to understand what is happening and find any gaps in your process.

That’s all for today. Have a good evening!

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